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About me



Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Live and create in Levis, Quebec, Canada

With my works, I hope to bring positive emotions and beauty into this world.



For as long as she can remember – even beyond, according to her mother – she always has been drawning a lot, to the point that she had to cover the walls with paper bags to prevent her from tracing her creative impulses on them!

Her thirst for creation is inexhaustible. Over the years, she has explored several art forms, techniques and mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, pottery/ceramics, stained glass, photography, dance, jewelry creation and interior decoration...

Professional graphic designer since 1989, painting is for her a place of expression without constraints, a synonym for creative freedom. Alone with her canvas, she can finally give free rein to all the ideas that jazz inspires in her without limiting their outlines in order to create a work full of colors, movement and emotions.


Abstract expressionist style painter, action painting, sometimes with a touch of pop art. It's during a visit to the 2014 «Nuit des Galeries» in Quebec City that it clicked and she began to develop her style.


Art in its broad sense has always really stimulated me. Nature (mainly shadows, reflections, clouds, water and stones) and everything around me nourishes and inspires me.


Being a bass player, upright bass player and jazz singer, music is the major element of inspiration in my creation: it's impossible for me to create without music, it guides my actions through the emotions it gives me.


My visual research focuses on contrasts, the marriage of colors, texture and movement. I also sometimes integrate silhouettes of musicians, animals, famous faces, etc., I make them appear using a mask under the acrylic layer, that I work freely, intuitively, in superimposed layers with spatulas and silicone tools. I also add movement by letting the paint flow directly from the bottle with fluid and instinctive gestures.


What sets me apart: I always incorporate pieces of stained glass in my creations.

My favorite painters and influences are Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter, Joan Mitchell, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Corno and Melanie Simard.

“Your works reveal your talent as an abstract expressionist. Inspired, sincere, free and full of life works. An obvious sense of graphics and design, but above all a found personality, a confident and unique style. And it is this signature and this aesthetic that can only attract a large clientele.”


Art X Terra Agency Selection Committee


Professional Experience

Senior Graphic Designer
and Production Coordinator

Desjardins Group

1989 to 2023


1986 – 1989 Graphic Design Program –

Cegep Ste-Foy


2000 – 2004 Pottery/Ceramics on wheel –

Ste-Foy Ceramic Center


2001 Stained glass –

"Cooperative artistique Les Etchemins"

2020 2D ANIMATION – Motion DESIGN –
Cegep Ste-Foy

1985 – Oil painting –

Quebec City



AARS (Levis)

SACQ (Quebec City)



2023 Fine Art Contest
"Diffusion culturelle de Levis"


2021 Fine Art Contest
"Diffusion culturelle de Levis"



2020 Fine Art Contest
"Diffusion culturelle de Levis"


Jury Mention


2019 Fine Art Contest
"Diffusion culturelle de Levis"

Art Fair


"Peindre a Beaumont" - May

AARS (Levis) - June

"Cap-Sante Riche en couleurs" - June

Lyst'ART (Lyster) - July



"Peindre a Beaumont"



"Peindre a Beaumont"


January 29 to February 22, 2023
February 12 to March 10, 2021
January 26 to February 26, 2020

January 27 to February 27, 2019
Louise-Carrier Exposition Center

33 Wolfe, Levis

2019 to 2021

Arty Gallery (Online)


February to April 2018
Encadrement Cloutier
5500 Guillaume-Couture Blvd, 


May to October 2016
Lounge Gallery
112 Saint-Paul, Quebec City

October 2015 and 2016

"Rallye Cultur’Art"
Levis Convention Center – Entrance Hall


August to October 2015

"Salon des Arts"
Levis Convention Center

Cultur'Art Group Artists


June 2015 to ...

"Le Centre Dermatologique
du Quebec métropolitain"

3075 Des Quatre-Bourgeois, Quebec City

Permanent Exhibition


May 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 

Ste-Foy Ceramic Center
and "Expo-theatre de la visitation"
End of year Exhibition


April 1989 – "Trompe-l’oeil" Gallery
Cegep Ste-Foy
Design Graphic Graduates

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